Innovative Tailored Hardware and Software Engineering Solutions

At Startek Technology we provide innovative software and hardware solutions to solve engineering problems by developing tailored software and electronic solutions.

Our expertise lies in Industrial Vision Systems (often know as Machine Vision Systems or Automated Inspection Systems) and includes developing industrial vision systems for diverse fields such as mining, pharmaceuticals, freight handling, forensics, sport analysis and the steel industry

We are able to provide software services for existing issues such as defect detection, debugging code, re-designing legacy code and add new software features .

We are also adept in prototyping and developing for scientific instruments . As required, we can design custom electronic boards or easily source appropriate digital camera equipment such as area scan cameras and line scan cameras.

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Recent Projects

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Binocular Vision System

Developed in a joint venture with Orica, this two-camera system is used in the mining industry to determine the distance to and volume of its subject material by analysing images in 3D

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Digital Vision System

This remote vision system is mounted on large mining diggers and analyses the aggregate being dug in extreme environments

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Pill Inspection System

Used by a pharmaceuticals manufacturer this system ensures the correct pills are present in the blister pack and in a good condition before sealing the pack.

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Hole Detection System

Used by BlueScope steel's rolling mill, this inspection system detects any holes in steel sheets before they are shipped out

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Machine Bed Inspector

Used to visually inspect a machining bed to ensure its clear to avoid damaging expensive tooling components

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Considering a Machine Vision Systems?

Here are some of the thing a Machine Vision System (or "automated inspection system") you will have noticed that there are a myriad of systems and options in the Vision System Market these days. Whilst some off-the-shelf systems may be able to do many of the tasks you require, we know that in all too many cases such systems have had serious limitations that have proved detrimental to many companies.

In the worst cases, some off-the-shelf systems may fail to live up to a reasonable performance expectation and be too inflexible to modify further. In many other cases, clever sales pitches have raised the system's performance level expectation in the client way beyond what could ever be realistically attained

Our Client Companies

We have provided customized services to a wide range of clients from small, local manufacturers to large multi-national corporations

Department of Defence

Thinking of a Customised Machine Vision Application